21 Jul

Sabi ng nanay ko wag ko daw ibibigay ang mainit kong puto.




8 Jan

Hi. Hello. Cebu!


12 Jul

Oh My Gaaaaaad!

I’m an Addict! haha i’m startin’ to be a Make-up Junkee.. particularly on Lipsticks! haha 🙂

i have 16 lipsticks in my “traincase” and counting.. HAHA.



*honeylabidabs. I’m sorry  for extracting your wallet again-soon! HAHA.


not your ordinary inbox.

28 Jun


“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”


as i was currently reading some messages from a very close friend of mine from Seattle. I can’t help but to think that how luck i am that i have my Daivy on my side.. for almost three years thru thick and thin(literally and figuratively), from rumbling of life to sweet scent of each other’s victory. How i am blessed to find my soulmate. I can say that he is my soulmate for the reason that i can feel the he really is,no other explanations for that.

“One of the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do is stop loving someone because they’ve stop loving you.”

i can’t detailed-out why am i writing this matter. It’s just I’d been to my friend’s momentos right now.  I know how hard and painfully-stricken to let-go of someone that once you did, you can never have him back forever. When After that turn you’ll be complete strangers-even if  you know to yourself that he’ll always have this space in your heart.


“the saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad..”

– John Mayer


Pen Up?

27 Jun

First entry.

Blog test. Blog test.

boredom strikes again at its best, oh well at-least i find a channel for my everyday misadventures on how crazy and beautiful my life is 🙂

Maybe i’ll post a slice of (about) my everyday “chants and rants” though this is my first online journal since i’ve learned to know the worlwideweb. HAHA

that’s all for today. it’s almost 6PM and maybe i’ll take an OT today.  im kinda laaaaaaazy kasi ngayon. kaya ngayon pa lang mag-start ang work mode ko. HAHA